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Experience the Power of Immersive Sound Design

Science Museum Turn It Up: The Power of Sound experience invites visitors to explore the power of sound in a deeply personal and transformative way. Opened 19 October, Turn it Up poses the questions: Why does music have such a hold over us? What is it about music that drives us to create, perform, feel, connect with others? In this “Toe-tapping, foot stomping new exhibition” (BBC Radio 4, Front Row) visitors are immersed in sound and explore the science and secrets around the impact which music has on us.

AY-PE with long-time collaborators WMP originally consulted on, developed and produced audio with the Science and Industry Museum Manchester, our design work covering soundscaping, much of the ‘out-loud’ music heard across the experience and the visual presentation of sound in a projected ‘Unusual Instruments’ film. Turn it Up opened in Manchester a year ago and has proven such an immersive, thought-provoking and fun ‘hit’ that it has transferred to Science Museum London. We have again been hands on in delivering the soundscapes, film and several exhibit compositions – collaborating with Science Museum and Fusion LX hardware to install and sound balance for the new gallery spaces. The joy of this exhibition is allowing the power of music and sound to take centre stage.

Image of visitors playing with a playful, sound interactive at Science Museum
Turn it Up at Science Museum, featuring AY-PE sound and projection design (Image: Science Museum Group)

As AY-PE’s Managing Director Simon Ackerley says:

In any AV experience design we always say “do not neglect sound, do not put it last on the list”. Music and sound connects to people instantly, transports people, takes them back to memory, or catapults them into the emotion which your message needs them to feel. That’s why Turn It Up has been an amazing project to work on, as it’s demonstrating exactly that.

The Science Museum Group along with Dr Emily Scott-Dearing, exhibition designers All Things Studio and the many contributors and researchers alongside have together developed a fun, interactive and informative experience which drives the relevance and science of sound, home. AY-PE’s skilful integration of music, soundscapes, and motion graphic elements, have been designed to peak and trough different emotions and thoughts within visitors. Sound becomes a vehicle for introspection, perhaps triggering memories, or stirring emotions, all while other pieces specially commissioned by the Science Museum Group allow physical, full body interaction – the actionable counterbalance to inward thought.

AY-PE’s understanding that music and sound have an undeniable ability to bridge gaps, to transcend boundaries, and to touch the depths of our understanding, is at the foundation of their work.


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