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Glasgow Rangers Museum adds to AY-PE's specialism in sports attractions AV

The presence, popularity and power of football clubs is immense. So too should be the exhibitions which honour them. AY-PE delivered a range of audio-visual (AV) pieces to excite, emote and inspire fans and non-fans alike at Glasgow Rangers Football Club.

Opened in summer 2023, the Glasgow Rangers FC Museum has already transported thousands of supporters, world-class players and commercial stakeholders from across the world, into the fascinating depths of one of the world's most successful football clubs, ever.

A view of a large-scale projection down a long wall of a Glasgow Rangers player, overlaid with motion typography of 'Rangers' as part of a epic introductory film to the Glasgow Rangers Museum
AY-PE AV digital media work for Glasgow Rangers FC

Gamified, digital touch interactives intrigue audiences as they create their own dream teams or kits. Epic projections about the highs and lows of the Rangers world, the global impact of the stadium, celebrity influence and individual passions, sweep the walls and ceiling of the experience. Beautifully crafted archive pieces woven throughout the galleries with evocative sound complete the exhibition.

The art of conveying sporting heritage shouldn't be limited to the successes of the team, it should draw out the inter-connected stories which can inspire everyone. Our audio-visual work and diversity of outputs, reflects the whole world that sits in and around the pride and heartache of this epic club. (Simon Ackerley, Project Director AY-PE)

At AY-PE we pride ourselves as sports attractions AV specialists in bringing passionate connections, design innovation and digital artistry to the films, sound, interactives, projections and holograms which connect sports worlds to audiences. Take a look at our Silverstone and World Rugby Stadium case studies for more inspiration.

A wall of images of Glasgow Rangers players, with visitors using digital touch screen where they can understand about and pick players to form their 'Dream Team'
Understand and choose your Glasgow Rangers 'Dream Team' at the Rangers FC Museum - Touch interactive AV software by AY-PE

Overall exhibition design by StudioArc.


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