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Faith, Artistry and Connection: AY-PE Audio-Visuals at Faith Museum

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The Faith Museum within The Auckland Project, Bishop Auckland, opened 7th October. The Faith Museum explores the myriad of ways in which faith has shaped lives and communities across Britain, inviting visitors to consider how people across 6,000 years of history have encountered faith.

Here at AY-PE we took the mission for each of our eight AV designs within Faith Museum to be thoughtful, inspirational and elegant conduits to reflection - audio-visual artistry. As an example, the projection sequence mapped onto the Lindisfarne stone cross head is more than a visual spectacle – it carries the vibrancy of centuries, invoking a sense of wonder and reverence in Anglo-Saxon art and literature, bringing a contemporary artistic display to sections of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Image of audience looking at AY-PE's circular animation based on colourful manuscript and art from over 100 years ago, mapped around a Lindisfarne Stone Cross
AY-PE's Projection Mapped Stone Cross Animation at Faith Museum, Bishop Auckland

When entering the Faith Museum, visitors are not mere observers; they become active participants in a dynamic journey. Alongside almost 300 objects, priceless treasures and personal mementos, The Auckland Project were keen to express that “faith isn’t a thing you can see or touch, capture in a display cabinet, or hang on a wall” (Amina Wright Senior Curator said to the BBC). As banker, philanthropist and Founder of The Auckland Project Jonathan Ruffer said to the BBC “Everybody lives by some idea of what faith is, and this is a chance to come and see what others think about faith.”

With these intentions carried forwards through the stunning architectural designs of Niall McLaughlin Architects and the innovative exhibition design of Studio MB, we also took inspiration for the other AV designs. The digital media move between those demonstrating how different types of faith can help push people in their lives, to a touch interactive and projection, prompting a person to think on what faith is to them, to rich, captivating, digital explorers of newly filmed interviews with cultural experts. A wall-scape of graceful, animated landscape panorama also evokes a peaceful sense of spirit, faith and nature.

"The Faith Museum wouldn’t be out of place in Milan, London or New York. It’s a World Class attraction. Be prepared to be blown away!!" (Reviewer)

At AY-PE we believe that digital art in AV has the power to move people and to touch their memories and core, bringing clients’ ideas and messaging into a deeply personal interpretation of what is seen and heard. We were honoured to bring this belief and our experience to the exceptional, new Faith Museum.


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