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Awards recognise AY-PE as Attractions & Museums AV expert

Updated: Mar 20

Bletchley Park’s Intelligence Factory, an AY-PE AV digital media interactive project, is nominated for Museums + Heritage Awards 'Permanent Exhibition of the Year'. This is the fourth time that the AY-PE team has been involved in a project that has been nominated for this prestigious awards category in the last five years.

For our projects to be part of THE big award in the sector: 'Permanent Exhibition of the Year', for four out of five years - is a really proud achievement. It's an honour to work with such innovative and design conscious events, experiences and museums and their design partners, and of course a great testament to the creativity and quality of team AY-PE.

Image of two visitors touching and playing a huge digital touch game of Bletchley Park
AY-PE interactive software design for Bletchley Park's Intelligence Factory (Image: Andrew Lee, Bletchley Park)

Congratulations to Bletchley Park, exhibition designers RAA and to all our co-collaborators on the Intelligence Factory.

More nominations

Congratulations also to the Canterbury Cathedral team and Event exhibition design, for Conservation & Restoration nomination – another AV project for AY-PE.

For more information on the awards see Blooloop's article: AY-PE celebrates.

Alternatively, head over to our case studies for more details on our work: Bletchley Park 'Intelligence Factory' and Canterbury Cathedral.


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