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Top Critical Acclaim for British Museum 'Legion: Life in the Roman Army'

Updated: Mar 20

Five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star reviews are pouring in from The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, and other critics, for The British Museum's latest exhibition: Legion: Life in the Roman Army.

AY-PE joined the design team in an AV consultancy role and we were thrilled to collaborate with the fifth most visited attraction in the world, on one of the most popular periods of history of all time. The project was to bring the breadth and depth of people from across the vast Roman Empire and the life cycle of Roman soldiers, to the fore. Real, everyday people who forged the world long before us.

Looking at two walled, corner projection film by AY-PE at British Musuem Legion, showing silhouetted Roman soldiers looming above actual Roman exhibits and artefacts
AY-PE AV films, sound & digital artistry for British Museum 'Legion' (Photo: Edward Bishop)

We concepted, iterated and delivered atmospheric soundscaping, produced audio narration from historical documents and designed evocative largscale projection films to support the carefully curated and constructed exhibition journey - following the life of a Roman soldier.

Along with The British Museum curatorial, interpretation and exhibitions teams, Drinkall Dean exhibition design, Matt Bigg Surface 3 graphics, Pixel Artworks hardware and other project partners, it seems the 'human' messaging and feel of the Legion experience, have been achieved - "a triumph", in the words of the Telegraph review.

"This is not just a blood and guts orgy of Roman Military might. It is one of the warmest encounters with individuals from the remote past you could ever hope for." - The Guardian.

'Legion' runs from 1 February to 23 June at The British Museum, London.


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