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With audience centred design, our launchpad is to focus on how you want your audience to think and to feel.


Designing targeted messaging bespoke to every project, we work with you your messages
stories and content to create new films, audio compositions, XR media, immersive & interactive experiences, which inspire thought, conversation or action from your visitors.


We use our technological expertise, industry understanding and in-house testing to evolve the perfect delivery of software to hardware, whether it’s 3D projection mapping, LED walls, interactive touch media, AR, VR  and much more.


Delivering evocative, stunning audio-visual and interactive work, we bring your messages, brands and mission to life. Our digital artistry mixes with an exceptional understanding of audience expectations and timeless design approaches, meaning viewers are captivated by your goals.


For over 15 years our AY-PE team has powered effective multimedia experiences, exhibitions and campaigns which we and our clients are super proud of.  We’ve generated this through the awesome people who make us, who we work with and the audience who we make all these inspirational digital moments for.


Internally at AY-PE, what we stick to and truly believe in, is being down-to-earth, nice folk, focussed on people. We want the best results for your audience, for you and we want our people to love the work that they do. Our tribe of talented digital artists, designers, programmers, producers and creators are a friendly bunch, thriving on creative flow and epic results - from ideation to install, reviews to results. 

Our multi-disciplined team features personnel from scriptwriters to make-up, camera DOP to VR design, editors to modellers, AI integrators, projection film specialists, music composers, compositors, researchers and so much more.


Key team leaders below. 

Fancy joining us? 

We’re always on the lookout for new talent.

Send your CV and portfolio to

And how exactly do you pronounce AY-PE?

It's not as complicated as you might think!


It's pronounced the same way you’d say the two letters ‘A’ ‘P’.

The 'AY' is for the ‘A’ of Ackerley.

The 'PE' for the ‘P’ of Playford.

Our two founding Directors.


Over the years we have answered to a multitude of variations:

"Ey Up" 




But the pronunciation is as straightforward as it seems,

we’re down-to-earth, AY-PE. 

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